Serendis Mentoring Program 2018

The Women in Drinks Council in partnership with Serendis Leadership Consulting has launched
a new diversity initiative: The Women in Drinks Mentoring Program. This structured cross-industry
mentoring program is designed to help talented women develop their readiness for leadership roles
 while educating senior leaders and influencers in the drinks industry on the benefits, enablers and
 barriers to women in their organisations and the sector.

The Program brings together participants at two levels:
•Mentees (all women) who are looking to progress their careers to leadership level in the drinks industry
 with a minimum of 10 years’ professional experience.
•Mentors (men and women) who are decision makers in senior positions and who have extensive
 professional experience.

Companies from across the industry support the initiative with the following key objectives:
•For Mentors to enhance their awareness and inclusive leadership capabilities through reflections
 triggered by their mentee’s perspectives and participation in forums with their peers across the industry
•For Mentees to gain new perspectives to advance their career and develop powerful professional
connections and sponsors.

The program is a unique 6-month experience that includes:
•Highly experiential, interactive workshops for mentees
•Facilitated group discussions with mentors
•A rigorous matching process with mentees and mentors expected to meet 6 to 8 times on a
 one-to-one basis.

Click here to view the 2018 program.